We (Santi and Marii) will be posting whatever the fuck we want on this thing, Such as (and the Americas) CD/Movie reviews, our opinions on the events that recently occurred, epic things from Youtube and Twitter and not really Facebook cause that place sucks, and of course some of the randomest shit you can think of. Enjoy it, or no, we are here to stay. So... You're wit yo honi...

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An epic birthday toast to my bestfran, Santi.

I love you, bbz! I’m broke and far away from you so this was all I could get you. But in my opinion, it’s the best fucking present you’re ever going to get. Ever.

To ensure it, here’s a little extra:

He’s waiting…

Happy birthday, again! Enjoy it.

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This video is dedicated to the Spice Girls and everyone and anyone who has ever loved them or currently do, such as yours truly.

In honor of me being obsessed with them this week, I lip-synced to their song “Say You’ll Be There” while watching their video on my screen, trying to mimic what they’re doing… Rather badly if I may say so myself.

Regardless, enjoy this video and share it with all your friends because we want to make Marii famous. *Rolls eyes*

Thanks wieners.

Love, Zee

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Marii Zee is actually a twin.

Meet Zarii Mee. She’s the other me (Get it, like the movie)!

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This was so hilarious. I started sobbing from how much I was laughing and crying at the same time. She deserves an emmy.

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